Chairman’s Message

For over three decades I have participated in the global debate over development and globalization. For too long the conversation has lacked a voice that articulates and defends the role played by free trade, economic growth, private property, technology and entrepreneurship in alleviating poverty. I founded World Growth to address that void.

The views and ideas we champion today face no shortage of challenges. Our views are out of fashion with elite opinion and policymakers in developed countries who prefer increasing aid to removing barriers to trade.

We are challenged by leaders in developing countries as well who are too often captured by special interests at home and are hostile to private enterprise and trade with the developed world. Likewise the leaders of authoritarian regimes across the globe, such as Venezuela, feel threatened by the institutions of a free society that we promote – the rule of law, free markets and private property protections.

We are frequently opposed by other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are ideologically unreceptive to free enterprise and skeptical of the merits of economic growth. Along with NGOs we face challenges at major multilateral institutions such as the United Nations which too often promote one-size-fits-all policy responses to problems.

But it is past time to realize that the problems facing the world’s “bottom billion” cannot be met with the tools that have been over utilized for the past two generations – aid and good intentions. What is needed are new voices and a new perspective that can challenge the status quo. Too many lives have been ruined or lost to disease, corruption, violence and other conditions endemic to the developing world. Please join me as we chart a new path forward.

– Ambassador Alan Oxley

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